Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lyla Elizabeth's Arrival and Other Big Changes for the Webb's

Our family has been through so many changes these past few months! First, we decided it was time to try for another baby, and because of that, also decided to begin preparing for a new addition by moving to a safer, more family-friendly house with more room to hold our growing family. Good thing our head was there, because we quickly found out we were expecting baby #2!

It took a couple months to secure a contract on our Inman Park home, and nearly two more months to get to the closing table, both on the sale of the IP home, as well as the purchase of our new house. Drew and I spent countless hours browsing the internet, driving around different neighborhoods, until we finally landed on Indian Hills in Marietta. We couldn’t be happier with our decision!

So we packed up our little cottage in Inman Park that we so adored, and moved the family to East Cobb in late January. We then spent the next few months fixing the place up to where we felt it was livable for us – we knew once Baby Lyla arrived there would be little time to devote to renovations, paint, etc. And boy were we right! It’s somewhat like riding a bike (caring for newborns), although the make and model of the bicycle varies which throws a kink in the old saying.

Lyla Elizabeth Webb arrived 3 weeks early thanks to the dreaded preeclampsia that mommy seems so prone to getting. But to our surprise, the labor and delivery went extremely smoothly and at 5:21pm on April 27th (just 2 days following mommy’s big 3-0 birthday), we had a beautiful, healthy, 7lb 1oz, 19” long baby girl.

The first month of her life has flown by – as you can see, I’m just now getting around to posting this. Everyone told me it would be so different with baby #2, and everyone was so right! I am more relaxed, and as a result, everyone else seems to be too. We even transitioned Lyla to her big girl crib at two weeks old, restoring some normalcy to mommy and daddy’s bedroom. The master had become a hybrid nursery complete with bassinet, changing station (our bed), and all of the other necessary paraphernalia for a newborn.

Our biggest challenge has been little Miss Emmy’s adjustment. It only took about a week or so, but now the jealousy seems to have somewhat subsided. One of the best parts has been seeing Emmy and Lyla together. Em did have some specific “feelings” that she didn’t know how to deal with when we first came home, but now she can’t get enough of the baby. And why wouldn’t a near 2-year-old love a newborn? It’s a life-sized, working baby doll. She kisses “Baby” or “Yay-ya” on the head at least ten times a day, and is always trying to be the big helper by picking up the baby (which don’t worry, Drew and I don’t allow her to do that on her own just yet).

The next big change is that I've decided to have Emmy at home with me and Lyla for the remainder of my maternity leave. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. With Emmy at daycare I was able to focus on Lyla. Now I'll need to make sure both girls get the attention they need and that Em isn't sitting in front of a TV all day. But when else will I get the opportunity to spend this much time with Emmy when she's still so young? I'm excited to bond with her even more than we already are.

Emmy and Lyla are such blessings to our family. Before Lyla was born Drew and I talked about how we didn’t know how we would love a second child as much as we love Emmy. We knew it would happen, but had no idea how immediately. The emotions were overwhelming as soon as she was delivered and placed in my arms. It’s going to be such a journey watching her grow up beside her big sister, seeing the love they’ll have for each other being so close in age. No doubt there will be fights, but we have a strong suspicion these two are going to grow to love each other very quickly. It’s pretty amazing to imagine Emmy likely won’t remember life without Lyla, and of course Lyla will have always had Emmy. It’s often difficult for me to remember life before my children, at least on my sleepiest, zombied days! Which is fine by me; life feels so much more fulfilled these days.

** Professional photographs artfully captured by Kristin Leigh of Bloom Photography - **

Saturday, December 26, 2009

We're Back!

The Webbs have had a busy few months. Lots of change. Lots of good. Lots of stress. Did I mention lots of change?

The first and most exciting happening around the house is that Emmy will soon be a big sister! We're expecting Baby Girl #2 on May 17, 2010. Her name will be Vivian Elizabeth. Vivian because we love the name. Elizabeth after my grandmother. While we know that what has come to be a pretty familiar environment is about to be shaken up, we couldn't be more thrilled! We've started to try and teach Emmy that Mommy has a baby in her tummy, and while she will say "sissy" (Vivian is a little too tough) and point to my stomach then kiss it, or at least in the close vicinity, she has also started pointing to other people's stomachs to indicate they too, have a baby growing there. So, maybe she doesn't quite get it.

Onto the next big piece of news...with a new baby on the way, we needed to move quickly on making more room in the house. We put our house on the market in October not knowing what to expect. To our pleasant surprise, we received an offer and now contract just a few weeks ago. As long as it all pans out, we'll be closing on January 19! Although I will be very sad to leave our home we've come to know and LOVE, I'm also excited to start the next chapter in our life...where ever that may be!

We have some pretty big decisions on our plate -- where to move ('burbs, back to our old 'hood area, etc), where and if we babymoon this time around, how to decorate Emmy's "big girl room", and of course, what AM I going to do about the name of our family blog. When Emmy was on the way and I started this blog, she was all I was focused on, hence the blog name -- -- I wonder if Vivi would have any clue???

Emmy has continued to grow and amaze us with each new development. She's a quick little girl. She'll now make an attempt to repeat any word we throw her way, and imitation is her latest trick. Whether it be "no, no, no, Maddie" to the dogs complete with a pointed finger, or shaking her head up and down along with me to signal I'm listening (and I guess she is too) to the conversation I'm involved in, or "singing" along to music on the radio, it's all so amusing and adorable. I can't wait to see her interact with Vivian!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First trip to Kanuga

This past weekend we made the trip up to North Carolina for the All Saints retreat in Kanuga. Now when I say church retreat, I'm sure many of you are cringing. We were all skeptical of what we had heard about the place -- one big party, relaxing, socializing, etc -- but it was all true!

We arrived a little later than planned Friday night, so we checked into our cabin with the Hoods, visited for a little while, and then hit the sack. We just didn't have the energy to make an appearance at the cocktail party that was pushing on late into the night.

Saturday we awoke to gorgeous fall weather – it was in the 50’s, sunny, breezy, and wonderful! We attended a yummy full breakfast, and then dropped Emmy and her new friend, Amelia off at the childcare provided, and headed to the adult program. Part of the session involved telling personal “feast” stories. Drew of course had the crowd rolling with laughter – he just can’t help himself around a mic! ADD set in around the 3rd and final hour, and the men excused themselves to pick up the girls.

Next was off to a barbeque picnic, then afternoon naps and lounging on the lawn of our cabin, and then the best part…Sky Top Orchard! We made the 15 min trek to the orchards to pick some Fuji’s and another variety for which the name is escaping me. The girls had a blast picking the not-so-desirable rotten apples off the ground and chowing down on the apples we allowed them to.

It was then time for dinner and the Halloween costume party. Em was adamant not to reveal her official costume, so we went with the doctor get-up she already has – scrubs and stethoscope. Amelia dressed as the patient…too cute!

There was feasting, football, reflecting, beautiful scenery, and just good clean family fun. We’ll definitely be back next year!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Family Beach Photos

Back in July, we had some family photos taken at Amelia Island. Kristin Sheehan of Bloom photography out of Roswell did a wonderful job! She had a tough client to deal with, as Emmy wouldn't allow us to touch her little toes to the sand without losing it. She finally settled down and got comfortable when we retreated to the boardwalk.

I highly recommend Kristin. You can checkout more of her work on her website --

Below are a few of our favorites.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tu-Tu You, America

Emmy had a great time wishing America Happy Birthday. Thanks for a great visit to Amelia Island Todd, Barbara and Britton!

Summer 2009

It’s been a busy summer around the Webb house, and Emmy has been taking the craziness in stride! She’s now talking up a storm, even if we can’t understand 95% of her jabber. She says words such as hi, doggie (doga), flower (fwowa), bye, night night (ni ni), mommy (momma), daddy (dada), milk (mi), etc.

She kisses us now with pursed lips and an “mmmm” sound, rather than the sloppy open mouthed ones she used to bless us with. She runs - not walks - everywhere, has become very cuddly in the evenings, and often times won’t allow us to put her down. Separation anxiety has hit full force. We can’t even think about leaving the room for a moment, or put her down to walk before 9am. And leaving her at Wieuca Day School in the mornings is often a challenge, both physically (she has to be peeled off of me) and emotionally (just breaks my heart).

We’ve also started brushing our teeth, although mommy needs to make a better habit of it day and night. It’s more of a teether for those gigantic teeth that are still coming into the back of Em’s mouth. Once she starts brushing I have to battle to get the thing away from her.

Mommy and Daddy left for their first trip over 2 days together, without the bug. We traveled to Laguna Beach with friends – Kyle, Willis, Heather and Spencer. It was rough, but we got some much-needed time together. Shug thankfully took on the duties of watching her granddaughter, and although she was exhausted when we got home, I was informed Shug was already having Emmy-withdrawals. Thanks Shug for keeping such good watch over the Em-ster!

Below are some pics to get your Em-fix...